Posted by on July 11, 2017
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(BANT) – An investigation is underway after federal officials say an Air Canada pilot nearly caused a catastrophic crash at SFO by lining up to land on a runway that was occupied by other aircraft.

The Federal Aviation Administration says it happened late last Friday night at San Francisco International Airport. Flight AC759 was inbound from Toronto and had been cleared to land on Runway 28R just before midnight.

Officials say the pilot inadvertently “lined up” for Taxiway C, which parallels Runway 28R and had four other planes waiting to depart at that time. On the audio tape of the conversation between air traffic controllers, which has been released, one of them can be heard saying about 30 seconds in “Where’s this guy going?”

An air traffic controller directed the pilot to make another approach and the pilot landed without incident. The distance between Flight AC759 and those other aircraft is under investigation.

Flight AC759 was an Airbus A320 carrying 135 passengers and five crewmembers, according to a spokesperson for Air Canada who confirmed that the pilot “initiated a go-around” but declined to offer additional information. A spokesman for SFO also declined to comment.

You can listen to audio of the air traffic controllers during the incident here: