Posted by on February 13, 2018
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(by Keith Burbank) – A live “Hawk Cam” has been set up in the Presidio in San Francisco so people can get a glimpse of a pair of Red-tailed hawks nesting this spring, Presidio Trust officials said.

The exact location of the nest is being kept a secret to give the couple some privacy but the hawks are restoring a nest about 100 feet up in one of the park’s blue gum eucalyptus trees.

Each year, many birds make their way through the park as they migrate, but this pair are year-round residents, according to Presidio officials.

On the Hawk Cam, people can watch the hawks make a home, lay their eggs, see the eggs hatch and the young take their first flight.

As the pair has built their nest, a few hummingbirds have pilfered feathers, twigs and bits of fuzz for their own nests.

A wildlife ecologist noticed that one of the hawks is banded and officials with the Presidio hope to get a look at the number to learn more about the predatory bird.

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    This just put an end to my workday. Now I get to stare at my computer screen all day. thanks a lot.