Posted by on April 28, 2017
Categories: Bay Area

(BANT) – Vallejo city officials and the Solano County Sheriff’s Office Thursday responded to the concerns about the delayed response to the discovery in February of several deceased dogs near Columbus Parkway in Vallejo.

The initial phone call about the dogs was made on Feb. 17 to a Solano County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control officer who was away on leave, sheriff’s Deputy Christine Castillo said.

The woman who discovered the dogs in black plastic garbage bags contacted another woman who called the dog rescue group CARES – the Center for Animal Rescue and Education in Solano County, on March 20, Castillo said.

CARES then called the Animal Control Division on March 25, Castillo said.

The officers responded within an hour and came upon what appeared to be severely decomposed animals, Castillo said. The most intact remains did not contain a microchip, and the extent of decomposition prevented Vallejo police from finding any possible evidence of animal cruelty, Castillo said.

“The remains were there at least six weeks, they were scavenged, rained on and were unidentifiable,” Castillo said.

Gardening tools and “some other items” also were found in the area, Castillo said.

“We’re looking at them,” Castillo said.

Vallejo officials and the sheriff’s office are reviewing the actions that were taken in the case.

To prevent future miscommunication, Castillo urged residents to call a 24-hour direct line to Animal Control Division at (707) 784-4733.

The public also may contact the Animal Control Division with information about the case, Castillo said.