Posted by on February 8, 2018
Categories: Bay Area

An employee at the University of California at Berkeley was targeted in a phone scam by a suspect impersonating a campus police officer Monday, according to university police.

The suspect claimed there were outstanding arrest warrants in the victim’s name for failing to pay back her student loans, according to police.

The victim was suspicious. She refused to give the scammer her credit card number or bank information and reported the call, police said.

Campus police say they’re not debt collectors, so any attempts to collect debts by “self-described police” are a scam.

Con artists frequently pretend to associate with a government authority as a way of inducing fear in the victim, and the callers often demand that the victim provide personal information or use unusual payment methods, according to police.

People shouldn’t provide birth dates, Social Security numbers or bank and credit card information when dealing with unsolicited calls, police said.