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Public Intoxication (Arrest) – Daly City Station

9/20/17, 2225 hours Officers responded to the Daly City Station to investigate a report of male (Gino Olea, 35 years old, Richmond) causing a disturbance on a Daly City train. It was determined that Olea was intoxicated and unable to care for himself. Olea was arrested for public intoxication and booked at the Redwood City Jail. 1709-1352 L24

Attempted Robbery – West Oakland Station

9/20/17, 2159 hours A victim reported that two suspects (Black males, 18 years old, black hoodies) attempted to batter him and take his cell phone. The victim defended himself and was able to retain his phone. The suspects fled the scene on foot. 1709-1351 L24

Bike Theft – Dublin/Pleasanton Station

9/20/17, 2212 hours A victim reported the theft of their Gary Fisher mountain bike from the Dublin/Pleasanton Station on 9/20/17 between 1130 and 2130 hours. The bike was secured with a cable lock. 1709-1350 L24

Fare Evasion/Resisting Arrest/Battery on an Officer/Criminal Threats (Prohibition Order) – Powell Street Station

9/20/17, 2022 hours Officers stopped a male (Sky Lowe, 19 years) for fare evading into the Powell Street Station. Lowe resisted and fought with the officers. Force was used to place Lowe into handcuffs. Lowe was cited for fare evasion and was booked into jail for resisting arrest and for making criminal threats. In addition, he was issued a prohibition order. 1709-1342 L22

Bike Theft – Bay Fair Station

9/20/17, 1956 hours A victim reported their mountain bike (unknown brand) was stolen from the Bay Fair Station, between 0800-1956 hours. The bike was secured with a cable lock. 1709-1341 L22

Bike Theft – Rockridge Station

9/20/17, 1838 hours A victim reported their Kona 24 speed bike was stolen from the Rockridge Station, between 0535-1600 hours. The bike was secured with a U-Lock. 1709-1339 L22

Grand Theft (Catalytic Converter) – Orinda Station

9/20/17, 1647 hours A victim reported her catalytic converter was removed from her 2001 Honda Odyssey while parked at the Orinda Station, between 0535-1600 hours. 1709-1324 L22

Fare Evasion/Warrant Arrest – Lake Merritt Station

9/21/17, 1339 hours An officer stopped a male (Jesse Duenas, 54 years, Oakland) for fare evading through the emergency gate to enter the Lake Merritt Station. A records check showed Duenas has a 50K warrant for fraud issued by Yolo County and 5K warrant for possession of burglary tolls issued by BART. Duenas was cited for fare evasion and was booked on the warrants. 1709-1410 L22

False Identification/Violation of Court Order – San Leandro BART Station

09/21/17 at 1100 hours Officers detained a male (Suliman Ahmed, 24 years old, San Leandro) for fare evasion. Ahmed initially falsely identified himself. Further investigation revealed that Ahmed was in violation of a court order to stay away from two individuals that he was with. Ahmed was arrested for falsely identifying himself and for violating the court order. Ahmed was transported and booked into Santa Rita County Jail. 1709-1398 L19

Domestic Violence (Prohibition Order issued)- El Cerrito Del Norte BART Station

07/21/2017 at 0720 hours Multiple citizens alerted officers of a disturbance occurring in the parking lot between a male and female. Officers detained both subjects. Further investigation revealed that there was a physical altercation between the parties and the female (Mylah Gulley,24 years old,Vallejo) was the aggressor. Gulley was arrested for domestic violence and booked into the Martinez Detention Facility. 1709-1371 L19

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