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Warrant Arrest / Providing False Identification / Court Order Violation – Lake Merritt Station

09/19/20017 at 0835 hrs. Officers detained a female (Sabrina Whitlock, 56 years old, Oakland) for fare evasion at the Lake Merritt BART Station. Whitlock initially falsely identified herself to officers. A warrants check revealed that Whitlock had an outstanding theft warrant and a stay away order from BART Stations. Whitlock was arrested for the outstanding warrant, providing false identification, and violation of a court order. Whitlock was booked into Santa Rita County Jail. 1709-1218 L19

Warrant Arrest / Fare Evasion – El Cerrito Del Norte

09/19/2017 at 0907 hours Officers detained a male (Jorge Mares, 26 years old, Vallejo) after they witnessed him fare evade at the El Cerrito Del Norte BART Station. A warrants check revealed that Mares had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant. Mares was booked into Martinez Detention Facility on the warrant. 1709-1228 L19

Auto Burglary (Arrest) – South San Francisco Station

9/18/17, 1812 hours A witness, in the parking structure, at the South San Francisco Station observed a suspect (Angelo Anello, 40 years old, San Francisco) exit a Honda Pilot, which he had just burglarized. Anello fled on foot and was detained about a block away from the station. He was positively identified by the witness. Anello was placed under arrest for auto burglary. Anello was booked at the Redwood City Jail. 1709-1183 L24

Bike Theft – Ashby Station

9/18/17, 1812 hours A victim reported the theft of their single gear bicycle (unknown make and model) from the Ashby Station on 9/18/17 between 0800 and 2030 hours. The bicycle was secured to the bike rack with a U-lock. 1709-1192 L24

Auto Theft – East Antioch Park and Ride

9/18/17, 2016 hours A victim reported the theft of their 1997 Honda Accord from stall 86 at the East Antioch Park and Ride. The vehicle was stolen on 9/18/17 between 0530 and 1900 hours. 1709-1191 L24

Loitering in Area Known For Drug Activity/ Warrant Arrest- Civic Center Station

9/18/17, 1735 hours Officers detained a male (Jason Kull, 38 years old, Palm Harbor,FL) for loitering in an area known for drug activity at the Civic Center Station. A record checks records check of Kull revealed a no-bail warrant for his arrest. Kull was arrested for the warrant and loitering in an area known for drug activity and booked at the San Francisco County Jail. 1709-1175 L24

Warrant Arrest – Ashby Station

9/18/17, 1712 hours Officers responded to the Ashby Station to investigate a report of a battery. Christopher Lay (27 years old, Oakland) and his girlfriend were contacted at the corner of Ashby and Adeline. A records check of Lay revealed three active warrants (2 misdemeanor, 1 felony) for his arrest. Lay was arrested for the warrants and booked at the Berkeley City Jail. The battery investigation yielded negative results.

Directed Enforcement (Fare Evasion) – Bay Fair Station

9/18/17, 1100 hours A sergeant and four officers conducted directed enforcement for fare evaders at the Bay Fair Station, between 0900-1100 hours. The results were 13 subjects were stopped resulting in 8 citations and 2 field interviews. Two juveniles were contacted and identifies. L22

Catalytic Converter Theft – Pittsburg Station

9/18/17, 1651 hours A victim reported the theft of their catalytic converter from their 2005 Honda Accord, between 0445-1650 hours. 1708-1173 L22

Theft from Victim (Arrest) – Lake Merritt Station

9/18/17, 1542 hours A victim reported her necklace was stolen while aboard a Daly City bound train that was stopped at Fruitvale. The suspect (Alan Salneron, 19 years, Oakland) stayed on the train and officers intercepted the train at Lake Merritt. Salneron was located on the train and after a short foot pursuit, was taken into custody. The victim positively identified Salneron and her necklace was recovered. Salneron was booked into the Glenn Dyer Jail. 1709-1170 L22

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