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Petty Theft (Backpack) – Civic Center Station

9/17/17, 0918 hours A victim placed her luggage on the ground as she used the ticket machine at the Civic Center Station. The victim’s backpack, containing a cell phone, a camera, a passport and misc. clothing, was stolen by an unknown suspect. 1709-1088 L24

Grand Theft ( Cell Phone) – Powell Street Station

9/17/17, 1315 hours A victim reported that a male suspect (Black male, 15 years old, 5’6″, heavy set, hair in twists, blue denim jacket, blue jeans) snatched her Iphone 6 plus from her hand while at the Powell Station. The suspect boarded a Daly City train. The victim followed the suspect and attempted to negotiate the return of the phone with negative results. The suspect exited the train at the Civic Center Station and fled on foot. 1709-1103 L24

Bike Theft – North Berkeley Station

9/17/17, 1125 hours A victim reported the theft of their Schwinn, 5-speed, bicycle from the North Berkeley Station between 1500 hours on 9/16/17 and 1000 hours on 9/17/17. The bicycle was secured to the bike rack with a U-lock. 1709-1102 L24

Fare Evasion / Warrant Arrest – Powell Street Station

9/17/17, 1142 hours Officers detained a male adult (Ryan Nicaragua, 23 years old, Antioch) for fare evasion at the Powell Street Station. A records check revealed a $20,000 felony warrant for Nicaragua’s arrest. Nicaragua was arrested for the warrant and booked at the San Francisco County Jail. 1709-1097 L24

Public Intoxication/Probation Violation – El Cerrito del Norte Station

9/16/17, 2300 hours A male (Samuel LAUDERDALE, 48, Berkeley) was creating a disturbance in the station and was found to be intoxicated in public. Record checks showed that Lauderdale was on probation. Lauderdale was arrested for public intoxication and probation violation, and was booked at the Martinez Detention Facility. 1709-1081 L18

Auto Theft – Dublin/Pleasanton Station

9/16/17, 2008 hours A patron reported that their green 1997 Honda Civic was stolen from the Pleasanton side, between 9/15/17 at 1000 hours, to today at 2005 hours. 1709-1072 L18

Auto Theft – Bay Fair Station

9/16/17, 2031 hours A patron reported that their black 1999 Honda Civic was stolen between 1015-2000 hours. 1709-1076 L18

Threats to Person – Civic Center Station

9/16/17, 1651 hours A female patron reported that she was handed a note while on a Dublin bound train. The note told the patron that there were guns pointed at her, and that she should hand her wallet and phone to the person behind her, without turning around. The victim faked a medical problem to attract attention and reported the incident to police, but did not want to speak to an officer. The victim later contacted an officer in Oakland and provided more information. The victim was not sure who handed her the note, and did not see anyone with a weapon. The victim thought the person sitting behind her on the train was a white female, pulling a suitcase. Officers checked Civic Center Station, but did not locate anyone matching the suspect description. The victim declined to press charges if the suspect was located. 1709-1054 L18

Violation of Prohibition Order/Vandalism – Civic Center Station

9/16/17, 2008 hours Officers responded to a report of a male creating a disturbance. Officers recognized the man as having a valid prohibition order, and he was arrested. During the incident, the man also damaged a fare gate. The suspect (Antonio HAYES, 52, San Francisco) was booked at the SF County Jail for vandalism and violation of a prohibition order. 1709-1071 L18

Bike Theft – Dublin/Pleasanton Station

9/16/17, 1644 hours A victim reported the theft of their bicycle (unknown brand) from the Dublin/Pleasanton Station. The bicycle was stolen between 1700 hours on 9/10/16 and 1630 hours on 9/16/17. The bicycle was secured with a U-lock. 1709-1041 L24

Grand Theft (laptop) – Hayward Station

9/16/17, 1301 hours A victim reported the theft of his laptop which was taken from his grasp by two suspects at the Hayward Station. The suspects (Black males, 16-19 years old) fled the scene on foot. 1709-1035 L24

Burglary (Commercial) – Dublin/ Pleasanton Station

9/16/17, 1003 hours A Cafe Express employee reported a burglary of the business, which is located on the property of the Dublin/ Pleasanton Station. The burglary occurred between 1930 hours on 9/15/17 and 1000 hours on 9/16/17. Entry was made via a window which was broken. The loss was 6-8 beverages. 1709-1031 L24

Auto Burglary – Coliseum Station

9/16/17, 0839 hours On 9/16/17 a victim reported a burglary of their 2013 Porsche Cayenne while it was parked in stall 604 at the Coliseum Station. The burglary occurred on 9/5/17 between 1200 hours and 2000 hours. Entry was made via a rear windshield smash. The loss was luggage containing clothing. 1709-0650 L24

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