Posted by on May 8, 2017
Categories: California


(BANT) – Sheriff’s officials in Santa Clara County are warning residents about a phone scam involving sheriff imposters.

Scam suspects are calling victims and informing them that they have a warrant from the sheriff’s office. The victims are then told to load money to a prepaid card to avoid arrest, sheriff’s officials said.

Victims are informed by the suspects that only federally insured MoneyPak cards are accepted in lieu of bail, and that checks, money orders and cash are no longer accepted, according to the sheriff’s office.

The suspects, who go by the names Sergeant Whitman or Sergeant Glenn, call from a phone number that tricks victims into believing they are being contacted by the sheriff’s office.

One number that the suspects use is (408) 228-3553. When dialed, the number leads to a recording that states callers have reached the Civil Processing Division of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s officials are urging residents to be vigilant if they receive a call from a suspected scammer.