Posted by on September 12, 2017 5:19 pm
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( – San Mateo County Supervisor David J. Canepa introduced a resolution today in favor of banning cellphone use in crosswalks.

During this afternoon’s meeting, the full board unanimously passed Canepa’s resolution urging state lawmakers to ban distracted walking.

“The state rightly banned texting and driving and now its time to protect pedestrians,” Canepa said.

Canepa said he is confident the state Legislature will pursue a law banning the use of electronic devices in crosswalks because a similar law recently was passed in Honolulu, Hawaii.

“I’m confident lives will be saved with this effort,” Canepa said.

The California Office of Traffic Safety last year proclaimed September “California Pedestrian Safety Month” in response to the increasing numbers of pedestrians killed and injured on the state’s roadways.

In 2016, 892 pedestrians were killed on California roadways. The pedestrian deaths were 24 percent of all roadway deaths in the state, up from 17 percent 10 years ago.