Posted by on July 3, 2017
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(BANT) – A San Mateo County Civil Grand Jury recently released a report suggesting law enforcement agencies in the county provide online information in the languages of their residents.

The 2016-17 grand jury report “English Is Not Our Only Language: Are Local Law Enforcement Agencies Providing Multilingual Access to Outreach Programs?” says that sheriff’s officials and police in the county do not do enough to reach out online in their residents’ first languages.

Sheriff’s officials and police were commended for having interpreters at many outreach events. But their responsibility for protecting county residents has become more difficult as an increasing number of people have moved into the county who speak English as a second language or no English at all.

Nearly 42 percent of county residents said that English is not their primary language. Half of the people whose first language is not English said they do not speak English “very well.”

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