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( – A reputed member of an East Oakland gang has been sentenced to 33 years in federal prison for shooting an Oakland police officer in 2013, only hours after he and three other reputed gang members shot a rival gang member in an ambush, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Damion McDaniel, 27, who was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Phyllis Hamilton on Wednesday, pleaded guilty on April 27 to racketeering conspiracy, attempted murder in aid of racketeering, assault with a dangerous weapon and discharging a firearm in furtherance of a crime of violence, prosecutors said.

“Mr. McDaniel posed a significant threat to the public,” U.S. Attorney Brian Stretch said in a statement.

The sentencing of McDaniel “assures the public that this violent criminal will be off the streets for the next three decades,” Stretch said.

Prosecutors said that when McDaniel pleaded guilty, he admitted that he and three other gang members from East Oakland’s Seminary neighborhood conspired to murder a rival gang member in their neighborhood.

Prosecutors said that on Jan. 20, 2013, the four men converged on the victim, who was standing at a bus stop.

After a volley of gunfire, one of the gang members ran up to the victim, who was lying on the ground, and shot him in the head from close range but the man managed to survive.

The next day, after receiving a tip that the get-away car was located in an apartment complex in East Oakland, an Oakland police officer went to investigate and was attacked by McDaniel and two other gang members,
prosecutors said.

The officer resisted the suspects’ attack but was restrained and was struck in the head as the assailants threatened to kill him.

Prosecutors said McDaniel shot the officer in the arm when the officer refused to give up his service pistol. The officer suffered injuries to the head and forearm.

Prosecutors didn’t identify the officer who was injured but in court documents Oakland police identified him as Eric Karsseboom.

Karsseboom was one of two Oakland officers who were shot in January 2013.

Former Oakland police Chief Howard Jordan said shortly after the shootings that Karsseboom and the other officer “were doing their job.”

Jordan said, “Officers are the last line of defense for our society and if you target them we will get you.”

Prosecutors said two other gang members from the Seminary neighborhood, Deante Kincaid, who’s also known as “Tay Tay,” and Joseph Pennymon, also known as “Junkie,” pleaded guilty to their roles in various offenses last month.

According to the indictment of McDaniel, Kincaid and Pennymon, they engaged in a variety of crimes, including attempted murder, assault, robbery, distributing narcotics, pimping minors, illegal firearms possession
and credit card fraud.

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  1. Jim September 22nd, 2017 at 10:29 am

    With time served and good behavior he will be out in ten years. Meanwhile he gets to hang out with his buddies, free gym membership and free healthcare. Zero incentive to make a change.