Posted by on February 1, 2018
Categories: Bay Area

(by Dave Brooksher) – Police responding to a recent spate of auto burglaries near the Oaks Card Club in Emeryville searched a probationer’s vehicle Wednesday, allegedly finding drugs and burglary tools.

Officers say they’ve been doing frequent security checks in the area around the parking lot of the casino, located at 4097 San Pablo Ave.

During one of those checks, they found an SUV with a lot of “miscellaneous property” stacked up in the back, and ran a records check, police said.

They determined that the vehicle belonged to 40-year-old Dublin resident Karace Tucker, who was on probation.

When Tucker returned to the SUV, officers conducted a probation search, allegedly finding two different types of heroin, methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia and evidence of sales.

Officers also found numerous tools and tool boxes, some of which are commonly used by burglars, according to police.

Tucker was arrested for allegedly violating the terms of his probation and narcotics possession.