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‘People Behaving Goodly’ – The Anonymous Caretaker

The following submission came from a Concord, CA resident:

“Act of Kindness – gone unmentioned – I would like to publicly recognize this man’s generosity, which goes above and beyond what I was able to put in this message. i would like to be anonymous and so would he. Hundreds of people already recognize this man’s amazing acts and enjoy them daily at Lime Ridge but it has gone unmentioned.

A Concord man who does not want publicity over his act of kindness continues to put his time and energy into beautifying Lime Ridge open space, alone, by hand, for free, for the past 10 years. He’s been seen cleaning up vast amounts of Lime Ridge open space by hand. He has even placed and bought benches with his own money for people to sit on, as well as dog water bowls and many other things. He has been seen mowing the trails as well as cleaning acres of trails by hand. He has also placed benches with ‘in memory of..’ placards on some of the benches.

‘Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.’

He has spent thousands of hours beautifying our public backyard. He cares deeply about beautifying the space so that one day his children have beautiful shaded trails to walk on.

All he wants is for people to step outside to Lime Ridge and enjoy this amazing space that is located in our backyard! The entrance that you should visit is at the top of Saint Francis Dr.”

Whoever you are, thank you for making the World a better place, and thank you to your friend for sharing your story.

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