Posted by on March 20, 2017
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(BANT) – A San Leandro woman was arrested and several others were detained in Oakland last night after allegedly evading CHP officers and taking part in a sideshow on the Bay Bridge.


The CHP said their air unit contacted officers shortly after 6 p.m. that at least 30 off road vehicles and motorcycles were acting aggressive with other drivers and driving recklessly on eastbound Interstate 80 over the Bay Bridge.

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When the group arrived in Oakland, officers attempted to stop the pack but they immediately fled. Officials say they let them disperse because there was an air unit following them overhead.

They were eventually able to catch up with a smaller group near 103rd Avenue and Royal Ann Street. One person, 27-year-old Daisha Moran, fled the scene on a motorcycle, but officers were able to catch up with her a few blocks away where she was arrested.

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The CHP said the others detained could face possible prosecution later after video taken by the air unit is reviewed.