Posted by on March 13, 2017
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(BANT) – Posters aimed at helping victims and witnesses of human trafficking in Napa County were distributed last week to businesses that are required to hang them, according to Napa County prosecutors.

The poster program has been established by state law and requires certain businesses such as bars that aren’t restaurants, emergency rooms, bus stations and farm labor contractors to put them up.

Eighty businesses in Napa County are required to display the posters in visible areas. Businesses that don’t hang a poster will face a violation that if uncorrected will result in a $500 fine. Subsequent violations will result in $1,000 fines.

District attorney investigators will do compliance checks on the businesses. An app may be released this year that will allow people to see which businesses are supposed to hang a poster and report those that have not done so.

Anyone who suspects someone is the victim of human trafficking should get in touch with their local law enforcement agency immediately. A Napa County helpline for information on human trafficking is (707) 253-4059.