Posted by on February 4, 2018
Categories: Bay Area

(by James Lanaras) – Marin County’s 2017 Fair, an homage to the 1967 Summer of Love, won 33 individual achievement awards at the Jan. 5 Western Fairs Association convention in Anaheim..

The Fair titled “Let the Funshine In” won 21 First Place, seven Second Place and three Third Place awards.

The 33 awards were the highest of any fair. They include two Featured Program Awards for its innovative digital marketing campaign and for showcasing the spirit and tradition of the Summer of Love.

Music, concerts, art, fashion, competitive exhibits, and tie dye attire took Baby Boomers back to the era.

The fair’s commemorative poster and its Turn On Tune In Children’s Activities was among the First Place Awards. The fair’s advertising Summer of Love Psychedelic Poster was among the Second Place Awards.