Posted by on December 15, 2016
Categories: Bay Area

(BANT) – A San Rafael man who spray-painted a chicken character on downtown
San Rafael properties was sentenced to nine months in the Marin County Jail
Friday, a San Rafael police sergeant said.

The 11 documented vandalisms that contained the chicken character
occurred over a three-month period, Sgt. Scott Eberle said.

An investigation by the San Rafael Police Department’s Special
Operations Unit that deals with downtown issues identified Joshua David
Edelstein, 41, as a suspect.

Edelstein was seen on Nov. 29 riding a bicycle through Albert Park
with a spray paint can and paint on his clothes, Eberle said. Police arrested
Edelstein for vandalism and drug offenses when they found him with more spray
paint cans and narcotics paraphernalia.

Edelstein pleaded guilty to four counts of possession of a
controlled substance, four counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, one
count of possession of vandalism tools and two counts of disorderly conduct,
Eberle said.

Edelstein refused probation and was sentenced to nine months in
the Marin County Jail, Eberle said.