Posted by on March 29, 2017
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(BANT) – A man who police say shot another man as the two were driving in separate cars last Friday in San Leandro was arrested Tuesday morning.

35-year-old Antonio Artiga was taken into custody as he arrived at a San Leandro-based trucking company on Alvarado Street for work. He faces charges of attempted murder and gun offenses.

Police say Artiga was in a car when he shot at a driver in another car near East 14th Street and Fairmont Drive, near the Bayfair Center shopping mall, early Friday morning.

The victim driver was struck by gunfire. That driver’s condition is unknown.

During Artiga’s arrest, detectives found a stolen firearm in his vehicle, which they believe was the same vehicle used in the shooting.

Artiga is scheduled to be arraigned at the Hayward Hall of Justice on Thursday.