Posted by on December 29, 2016
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(BANT) – It’s in a foreign language, but the awkwardness during a recent segment on Brazilian GloboNews was perfectly recognizable after one of the journalists burst out in a rather poor imitation of Chewbacca while talking about the death of ‘Princess Leia’ actress Carrie Fisher.

Jorge Pontual was part of a panel on the program talking about Fisher’s death. Leading up to the unexpected impersonation, Pontual had been saying, in Portuguese: “Many people telling how much they loved Carrie Fisher, many celebrities remarking on this loss. But the most emotional reaction was from Chewbacca, that Star Wars character”, at which point he let out an anguished roar that stunned the other panelists and caused them to break into laughter.

You can see the segment in the video below:

Pontual has received criticism from other journalists for being insensitive but is apparently not bothered by it, posting this photo to his Twitter feed following the incident: