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(BANT) – The owner of a German Shepherd that mentored other dogs says her dog was found dead this past Friday in a vehicle on her property in Castro Valley.

Alameda County Sheriff’s officials say the dog, named Murfee, was stolen on April 30 from a secured, gated front yard near Palomares Road.

Owner JJ Jacobson told authorities that she drove the car where Murfee was found on Monday, and the dog was not in the car. Jacobson says people were near the car on Wednesday and Thursday and did not see Murfee inside. Then on Friday, Murfee was found dead in the back seat.

Sheriff’s spokesman J.D. Nelson said an investigation is stalled right now because there is no indication the dog ever left the property. Jacobson said a necropsy failed to determine Murfee’s cause of death. She says the veterinarian told her there was no obvious cause of trauma and that Murf was already dead when placed in the car.

Murfee mentored hundreds of rescued dogs that needed to learn how to get along with other dogs before they went into their new homes.

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Murfee was once rescued after he was thrown against a wall as a puppy in a domestic violence incident. A few months later the owner gave up all rights to him as the domestic violence case was going through the courts and Jacobson, who has experience helping German Shepherds, adopted him.

3 responses to Beloved ‘Mentor Dog’ Found Dead In Owner’s Car, Investigators Baffled (PHOTO)

  1. Genevieve May 9th, 2017 at 11:16 pm

    And what? So everyone just gives up? This is beyond awful. Murfree deserves some justice for leading such a brave, loving life after his rescue. Does anyone on the street or neighbors buildings have security cameras? What about any close business or traffic cameras? I’m sure his owner must be devistated. My heartfelt condolences go out to her & her family.

  2. Willie Killagain May 10th, 2017 at 10:26 am

    No doubt Murf sounds like a great dog almost human or god like in his servce to his fellow pups &the great example he was to k-9s&people alike.What a complete heart breaking tragic end he suffered. Ive followed this story from the begaining &I must say from day 1,until learning Murf was dead somthing isnt fitting with this whole thing Fishy for sure. Kind of like the death of Jon Bena Ramsy back in the day.If I were investagating this mystrey I would bring murfs owner the woman who put up the large reward for murfs safe return &give Her a lie detector test,&anyone elese living on the property.I dont think murf was kid napped at all.I think an maybe an over site happened like murf was forgotten in the car and died but by then in was out in the news that murf was taken and all .Then when they discoverd their negligence&fdound murf dead they wetre either too embarassed or proud to admitt they were wrong.think about it whos gonna take such a great loving dog,kill it then return to the seen of the crime with a dead dog to sneek it into the car of all places? Hey Murfs x owners?its a crime to make false police reports.If Im wrong please for give Me but i dont think so. R.I.P. MURF

  3. GrillNextDoor May 12th, 2017 at 2:07 pm

    This is a very strange and sad ending for a truly remarkable animal. I would hope that eventually we will know what happened. The area is semi-rural and sparcely populated so it is unlikely there would be video from surrounding homes. Additionally, if it is the general area I think it is, the properties are large and a car not in use could have been parked in a more remote area of the owner’s parcel. At any rate, it is so sad that this noble animal had to suffer this tragic end.