Posted by on February 6, 2018
Categories: BART Crime

148 PC / Psychiatric Hold – Fruitvale Station

2/05/2018, 2028 hours Officers detained a male patron for fare evasion. The male became uncooperative and resisted arrest. The male made several suicidal statements and was placed on a psychiatric hold. Upon his release he will be booked into jail for resisting arrest. 1802-0232 L19

BART Warrant Arrest – Off Property

2/5/2018, 1420 hours US Marshals Fugitive Task Force agents took a suspect, (Challinor, Ryan 5/31/86) into custody at his residence on a BART PD Ramey warrant (original case 1712-0697) for assault with a deadly weapon. Challinor was turned over to BART PD, he was interviewed and booked into county jail. L19

488 PC – Walnut Creek Station

1802-0230, 1954 hours A patron reported they used a u-lock to secure their Panasonic Tourist Road Bike ($100) at about 0800 hours. Upon their return, at about 1950 hours, their bike was missing but their u-lock was still intact. 1802-0230 L19

488 PC – MacArthur Station

2/5/18 1633 Hours The victim reported the theft of their black Pure City Step Thru bike between the hours of 0735-1630. The bike was secured with a U-lock. 1802-0220

488 PC – Bay Fair Station

2/5/18 1429 Hours The victim reported the theft of their green mountain bike between the hours of 0830-1400. The bike was secured with a cable and lock. 1802-0216 L17

647(f) PC/Arrest – Civic Center Station

2/5/18 1437 Hours Officers contacted an adult male (Asberry, Robert 47, Pinole) on a report of a disturbance. He was arrested and booked into jail for public intoxication. 1802-0217 L17

640(c)(1) PC/Warrant Arrest – Hayward Station

2/5/18 1039 Hours An adult male, (Keandre Allums, 24, Oakland) was detained for fare evasion and subsequently arrested on an outstanding warrant. 1802-0205 L17