Posted by on February 11, 2018
Categories: BART Crime


422 PC/Warrant Arrest (Prohibition Order) – Ashby Station

2/10/18, 2046 hours Witnesses reported that a male suspect (Tyrone LANKFORD, 59, Berkeley) was threatening patrons on the platform. Officers located Lankford and arrested him for making criminal threats. Record checks showed that Lankford had three outstanding arrest warrants (no-bail for 290 PC, held by ACSO; $175,000 for 290 PC, held by Oakland PD; and $10,000 for 23152 VC, held by Berkeley PD). Landford was arrested on his warrants and was booked at Glenn Dyer Jail. 1802-0570 L18

Outside Assist / 243 (e) (1) P.C. – West Oakland Station

2/10/18, 1624 hours John Tillis (27 years old, Concord) was arrested for domestic battery at the West Oakland Station. Tillis was booked at the Glenn Dyer Jail. 1802-0554 L24

640 (c) (1) P.C. / Warrant Arrest – Berkeley Station

2/10/18, 1325 hours Clinton Donahue (35 years old, San Francisco) was detained for fare evasion at the at the Berkeley Station. Donahue was cited for fare evasion and arrested for a $20,000 misdemeanor warrant. Donahue was booked at the Berkeley Jail. 1802-0536 L24

166 (a) (4) P.C. / Warrant Arrest – Daly City Station

2/10/18, 1252 hours Adrian Morales (39 years old, San Francisco) was arrested for violating an active court order and a $30,000 misdemeanor warrant at the Daly City Station. Morales was booked at the Redwood City Jail.