Posted by on April 15, 2017
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Police said they have arrested more than a dozen people and expect to arrest more today in connection with a protest between pro- and anti-Trump supporters in Berkeley.

As of 1:48 p.m., 15 people had been arrested in connection with the protest, which started this morning at Martin Luther King Jr. Civic Center Park at 2151 Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

A similar protest at the park took place March 4 and 10 people were arrested.

Police said that protesters are now on city streets. The downtown Berkeley BART station is closed because of the demonstration, BART officials said.

The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District bus No. 12 has been rerouted because of the protest, according to agency officials.

Police have reported fights, property damage and that protesters have thrown objects such as fireworks.

Officers have seized items that were prohibited from the protest.

The items seized have included flagpoles, a knife, a stun gun, helmets and signs and flags attached to poles.

Some type of gas was released during the protest this morning, a police spokesman said.

Spokesman Officer Byron White said because of the release of the gas, police put on gas masks. Numerous reports were made to police that demonstrators were using pepper spray.

White wasn’t sure when protesters started gathering but some planned to gather at 10 a.m. and others at noon or later.

At least two injuries have been reported so far to police, White said.

Police have asked for help from other law enforcement agencies. Alameda County sheriff’s deputies responded.

Anyone with photos or videos of the event is asked to share them with police by sending them to or