Posted by on January 10, 2017
Categories: Bay Area

(BANT) – Ongoing stormy weather in the Bay Area has caused more than 100
flights to be canceled at San Francisco International Airport today, while
minor delays have been reported at other airports in the region.

At least 130 flights have been canceled at SFO, with cancellations
evenly split between departing and arriving flights, airport spokesman Doug
Yakel said.

The canceled flights are mostly short-haul flights to and from
West Coast cities. Some of the cancellations are due to airlines
consolidating flights because of the weather conditions and low airport
traffic, according to Yakel.

Many flights also have delays averaging between about 45 minutes
to an hour. The average delay times could increase later today since storm
conditions are expected to peak later this afternoon, Yakel said.

At Mineta San Jose International Airport, a handful of flights are
delayed, mostly on flights arriving from Los Angeles. Delays on departing
flights are minimal, according to airport spokeswoman Vicki Day.

No flights have been canceled so far, although with the ongoing
weather conditions that could change, Day said.

At Oakland International Airport, delays have been minimal, with
delay times averaging between five and 15 minutes, according to airport
spokeswoman Keonnis Taylor.

No flights have been canceled so far, Taylor said.

“We have been doing well. Our operations team has been doing an
excellent job of keeping airport traffic down and things have been running
very smooth, despite the weather,” Taylor said.

Airport officials recommend that travelers check with their
airlines for specific flight information.